AC Suddenly Can’t Cool to Thermostat Temp

raccess asks:

I'm a bit desperate for advice... I recently moved into an apartment with a programmable thermostat, a Honeywell model that allows me to program for sleep, wake, and away settings. Anyways, it has been working perfectly; I keep it at 78 degrees. Last night, I noticed the thermostat read 80 despite still being set at 78. This morning it crept up to 81. I can hear the AC kicking on but there is no air coming out of the vents. Since this happened suddenly, does anyone have ideas as to what's going on here? Maintenance came by and changed the AC filter and no resolution of the issue so it's not that. I live in AZ and not having a functioning AC is not an option. AC tech is supposed to come later this week but I'm just trying to gain some insight.


Answer: Your evaporator coil could be a solid block of ice, possibly due to very low refrigerant charge. I would hit the disconnect and open up the panel on the unit that has the lineset going in to it to check, and if it is, let the company know you need someone there ASAP. When they're on the way, leave that panel open and turn the unit back on to melt all of that ice (hope your drainage is in good shape!).

If it's not iced over, check the condition of the fins- are they lined up straight, letting air pass through them? If they're warped, folded or bent over each other, air flow will be reduced. - DSB