All-Access condensate management products are designed to make water detection and drain line maintenance easy and efficient. All-Access low-voltage condensate float switches detect clogged condensate drains and shut off the system to prevent water damage. Inline cleanout devices allow clearing blockages without cutting the line. AA1 and AA1-FS cleanout devices are compatible with any method of clearing.

  • All-Access switches are IMC code 307.2.3.4 compliant
  • AA1 and AA1-FS are IMC code 307.2.5 compliant inline cleanout devices
  • AA1 features Schrader valve pressure cleaning
  • AA1 insulation protects your cleanout and switch device from sweating in unconditioned spaces
  • AA Flush Tools are compatible with the adapter included with AA1 and AA1-FS. Flush the drain line with water or pressure

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