Aspen Universal Peristaltic Pump w/o Reservoir 230V

This pump incorporates a twin lead sensor cable with 2 temperature sensors, allowing the pump to detect/be triggered by air temperature changes in air temperature. No reservoir or filter required. Overflow switch not incorporated/included.

  • Filterless operation, Pump contaminates wash from the evaporator coil during condensate production.
  • Enables intermittent operation with a reservoir and float switch or continuous operation with the evaporator
  • High level of lift allows remote placement - up to 10ft vertical or 40ft horizontal from condensate source
  • Reliability - low maintenance and Self priming. Can run both wet and dry. 3 minute timer overrun protection. Siphon proof. Thermally protected pump. Eliminates corrosion & clogging. Manual test switch
  • Fire retardant housing & Internal fuse, and Push in plug facilitates service without disconnecting wiring. Quick replacement pump head, Wall bracket includes storage or spare pump head
For optimum quietness, the solution is a remote mounted pump. Best for installations where a reservoir is not practical or distant remote mounting is required.
More Information
Case Weight (lbs) : 6.00
Case Height (inch) : 5.75
Case Length (inch) : 3.25
Case Width (inch) : 4.75
Brand : Aspen
Recommended Use : Designed for use with ductless mini-split A/C systems to remove condensed water from evaporative coil condensate tray through drain line provided with equipment.
UPC : 021449839662
Interleaved : 10021449839669
Pump Air Handler : Ceiling, Wall Mounted
BTU Capacity : Under 2.5 ton
Pump Location : Remote