Is this as bad as it looks? Mold in apartment A/C vent

r63idkvUser RobotDrZaius writes:

I took off the vent cover because I was trying to close it and the switch was stuck. Looks like death inside. Now, I've lived in this apartment with my g/f for almost 6 months with no health or respiratory this as awful as it looks to my untrained eye? Should I contact my apartment's maintenance people or just clean it myself (wearing a dust mask, of course)?

zeimbo answered: It's hard to tell from the pic- your best bet would be to get a spore test kit which most hardware stores will have relatively cheap. I would not attempt to do anything to the insulation as it may contain asbestos. If the kit comes back positive for mold spores, keep your receipt and tell the management you'd like to be reimbursed and have it cleaned..