Best way of covering a vent occasionally?

ventsamwalker5 writes:


I am trying to figure out how to cover a vent in my house so that when I am using the room as a darkroom (with chemicals) it will not feed the chemical odors into the rest of my house. It is a large vent which is on the wall.

I would want to cover it well, but I was hoping it would be a quick and easy way to cover it every so often, without having to tape plastic over it all the time.


Answer: If it is a return grill then do not cover it if the system is running unless you have multiple return grills in your home. The grill is most likely metal so take your plastic sheet you are taping on and attach magnetic strips to it. you can pick up low cost rolls of magnets at most Dollar Stores and hardware stores.
- James Bowman
National Technical Manager, HVACR