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RectorSeal AHR 2024


Visit RectorSeal’s exhibit at AHR2024 (Booth #S7958) to discover the latest product innovations and enhancements available for any new or seasoned HVAC professional.  Not only will you see a new, enhanced, and exciting array of solutions, but you can also participate in hands-on demonstrations with products that help HVAC technicians work smarter, faster, and safer. RectorSeal's booth will also host a lineup of social media influencers and podcasters who are experts in the industry (stay tuned for the schedule). Seek out RectorSeal’s continually expanding line of products, solutions, training, and support as the first stop during your AHR2024 journey. And while you visit the booth, ask about RectorSeal's 3-Year Limited Warranty without Registration on many products.

Here are a few highlights you’ll discover at booth S7958.

Lineset Cover Solutions 
Exposed linesets are not only ugly but can be damaged if not protected adequately. RectorSeal is the North American leader in lineset covers with a range of brands to meet distributor and contractor needs, with enhancements occurring to all 3 lines.

  • Cover Guard with Adjustable Ducts are designed for residential and commercial HVAC installations of ductless and ducted systems. Cover Guard lineset covers provide adjustable support converting from two to four inches deep with quick snap-on covers to accommodate multiple linesets and condensate drains.  Cover Guard lineset covers do not release under pressure.  Due to the exceptional design, as the internal pressure exerted by the linesets and condensate line increases, the locking strength of the guard increases. When properly installed, Cover Guard lineset and condensate covers exceed many HVAC code requirements. Convenient pre-installed sliding zip-tie clips provide ease of mounting. Cover Guard lineset covers are constructed of durable, UV-protected, and paintable.
  • Slimduct Premium lineset cover systems are designed to protect and conceal exposed ducted and ductless HVAC piping, wiring, and drain hoses. The four colors now available (white, ivory, brown, and black) are designed to enhance any residential or commercial HVAC installation and provide a professional, finished appearance. The full complement of colors ensures a Slimduct style that aligns with current construction and building trends. Slimduct lineset covers feature a unique snap-together design for quick installation, saving time and money for professional HVAC contractors. Its rigid construction is engineered for challenging installations and extreme environments.  With a deeper profile, Slimduct provides more room to work and accommodates thicker lineset insulation required by many industry codes.  A wider design provides ample room to cover multiple linesets, wiring, and drain hoses under one installation.
  • Fortress Professional Grade Fittings are available in four satin-finish colors (white, ivory, brown, and gray) to complement installation exteriors. Fortress products are fully paintable for additional customization. Its 7.5' duct lengths are the longest in the industry. The new adjustable fittings provide increased flexibility to an HVAC technician and can reduce the number of fittings stocked in inventory or on a service truck. The new Fortress brand fittings are available in flat and vertical configurations. The adjustable fittings are available in flat configuration for changing directions on a wall surface and vertical configurations for changing direction over an edge or corner.

Unit Protection Solutions
HVAC condensing units can be exposed to various environmental factors, leading to premature failure. RectorSeal now offers code-compliant products, provides protection to the units, and eradicates voltage fluctuations that can harm sensitive components. See RectorSeal's fastest growing line of products:

  • Outset Seal and Outset Jacket provide an end-to-end solution to seal and protect linesets and ensure that the lineset is protected with a code-compliant cover. Outset Seal is designed to protect indoor areas by blocking air leakage, moisture penetration, rodent intrusion and hiding unsightly wall penetrations where HVAC linesets penetrate structures. Compared with other products on the market, the Outset Seal works on new and existing installations using its unique hinge design. This broader mix of product applications ensures that the Outset Seal can serve a range of installations. With the growth of new building code regulations requiring the protection of foam insulation on HVAC linesets, Outset Jacket offers a durable UV-resistant PVC foam insulation for a simple, easy, and compliant solution for HVAC contractors. The innovative hook and loop fastening system is bonded and sewn for extra adherence. That makes the lineset insulation jackets removable and reusable for easy installation and maintenance. Available in three pipe sizes, the system lineset jackets are designed to fit residential and commercial ducted and ductless HVAC systems.
  • RSH Surge Protection and Voltage Monitoring Series devices protect HVAC equipment from electrical surges, brownouts, and other voltage disturbances resulting from transient over-voltage and natural-cause surges. RSH Series products are weather-rated under NEMA 3R and can be installed to the outdoor disconnect electrical box within minutes. The new RSH-50 VRMDC kit is a multi-function, single box design with a 60 amp service disconnect breaker, surge protector, and voltage range monitor to support 120/240 Single Phase 60 Amp Double Pole Capacity Relays between 15 to 60 amp loads.  Field programmable, the RSH-50 VRMDC requires no laptop or programming tools, resulting in easy set-up. A three-year limited warranty covers the disconnect breaker and voltage range monitoring device, and the surge protection device has a limited lifetime warranty.

LIVE PRESENTATION: Don't miss our Surge Protector technology expert, Fred Kreusch, as he delivers a presentation on 'Surge Protection and Voltage Monitoring Best Practices.' Catch him at AHR Theater D on Monday, January 22, 2024, at 11:45 AM.

Mini-Split Solutions
The continuing expansion and use of ductless systems requires specialized products and equipment to provide optimum performance. RectorSeal offers several exclusive products designed to make installations easier, safer, and faster.

  • Duckt-Strip is a power and communications cable offering complete end-to-end conductor isolation that provides power (AC to DC) and control from the condenser to the indoor unit from a single cable. Using a single cable provides HVAC technicians with a faster and safer ductless installation than multiple cable applications. Manufactured in the United States, Duckt-Strip is National Electric Code (NEC) Article 725.136 compliant and UL listed for in-the-wall and through-the-wall installations. Electrical inspectors have shown a notable preference for ductless installations using Duckt-Strip. Rip-N-Strip™ is a patented technology with grooves designed for easy insulation separation and removal. Further, it eliminates the need for wire strippers, knives, or cutters when installing the cable.  All conductors are covered with a gray and yellow PVC jacket that is sunlight resistant, outdoor rated, and direct-buried approved.
  • Aspen Pumps Mini White Silent+ is a new-generation mini pump that fits easily beneath ductless units, and the slim, stylish profile design offers installation options and quick access for routine maintenance.

    The Aspen Mini White Silent+ incorporates new ultra-quiet technology that limits any vibration caused by water pulses, thus reducing sound transfer, while a resilient mounting further minimizes fluctuation and noise. The soft-start capacitance technology is driven by a fully variable speed motor optimizing the pump speed in response to the unit's flow rate. The pump's advanced design with fully potted electronics provides resistance to shock and vibration and prevents corrosion.

    A core benefit of the Aspen Mini White Silent+ condensate pump is its flexible installation. The unit is designed to fit beneath a high-wall indoor ductless unit positioned within the unit's shadow line. The pump has a reversible inlet that allows for both left and right installations, and the unit’s easy-access panels mean there is no need to disturb the evaporator when cleaning the unit’s filter. An optional easy-fit installation insert hides power cables and pipework when routed through the knock-out points of the ductless indoor mounts.

Mounting Solutions

  • ArmorPad Aircore equipment pads are available for unitary and ductless systems and are designed to replace heavy concrete pads. ArmorPad Aircore pads are high-strength and lightweight equipment pads that provide support and lift for the condensing unit. Constructed of polymer material, ArmorPad Aircore is molded into a strong and durable one-piece, nestable pad that's compliant with ASTM D-2299 standard and can be carried and installed by one person. Aircore's polymer surface is resistant to UV degradation, coil cleaning chemicals, landscaping chemicals, and weather. Unlike heavy concrete pads, Aircore pads are not susceptible to chipping and breaking or becoming unlevel, which can lead to potential damage to equipment, resulting in costly repairs or even replacements.

    Any functioning HVAC system can provide conditioned air indoors, but without installing high-quality indoor air quality solutions, air particulates, mold, viruses, mildew, and other air pollutants can lead to adverse comfort and respiratory issues. RectorSeal offers whole-home solutions for ducted and ductless HVAC systems.

IAQ Solutions

  • Dust Free IAQ embraces an IAQ3 strategy. It comprises the three essential components to help improve indoor air quality:  Filtration, Purification, and UV Inactivation. All Dust Free products and systems comply with the appropriate ASHRAE, EPA, and other industry standards, including UL 2998, meaning a zero ozone-creating air treatment devices. The IAQ3 platform of products has been carefully designed to meet a broad spectrum of indoor air quality demands for residential and commercial applications.  The result is a dynamic air quality management strategy that provides a complete and customized IAQ solution tailored to specific customer requirements. High-output germicidal UV-C (ultraviolet) lights from Dust Free work 24/7, helping to reduce biological contaminants found on HVAC system components and within the HVAC system’s air stream. Designed specifically for ductless systems the Duality Mini Dual-Spectrum UV light is designed with two LED strips, delivering UVA and UVC light protection to help inactivate viruses and bacteria on damp surfaces to ensure continued optimal performance. The dual-spectrum UV lights maximize sanitized surface areas, and the Duality’s VOC filter doubles its sanitizing power.

Water Heater Solutions

The life and utility of tanked and tankless water depend on the proper connections and regular maintenance. To ensure a professional installation, RectorSeal offers superb components that provide leak-free and durable performance. But, when maintenance has been neglected, RectorSeal has solutions that get water heaters back to their original performance quickly and safely.

  • Falcon high-quality, full port, corrugated stainless steel, and flexible water and gas connectors are used extensively in the HVAC industry to connect water heaters to the main water supply. Falcon was the first company to introduce corrugated stainless-steel water and gas connections to the professional trades in the United States. Falcon flexible connectors deliver quality products through innovation and technology.  Compared to traditional products, Falcon provides excellent flexibility, increased flow up to 30%, and greater tensile strength.
  • Tanked Water Heater Drain Pans are essential for avoiding extensive water damage when a water heater malfunction occurs. RectorSeal offers a solid assortment of drain pans in various sizes to fit virtually any tanked water heater. In addition to preventing water damage, a water heater pan can help detect a leak in a tanked water heater before it causes costly damage. In some areas, local building codes may require the installation of a water heater pan as a safety measure. Complying with these codes is essential to meet safety standards and may be necessary to pass inspection when selling or renting a property.
  • Calci-flush is an exceptional tanked water heater flush chemical solution. When used properly, Calci-flush helps eliminate calcium and scale buildup and restore circulation and water pressure. In approximately 30-60 minutes, the water heater tank can be flushed, refilled, refreshed, and ready to deliver optimized performance. Using Calci-flush as part of a water tank maintenance program helps extend the life and performance of a standard water heater. Calci-Flush was developed and tested directly from RectorSeal’s on-site chemical lab. Calci-Flush is NSF certified.
  • Calci-free tankless water heater flush is an efficient chemical cleaner made for tankless water heaters. It contains a unique combination of organic & inorganic cleaners & patented corrosion inhibitors. Biodegradable Calci-free can remove sediment and mineral buildup in approximately 20 minutes, restoring efficiency and helping to extend the tankless water heater’s life.

GRD Solutions

Many HVAC technicians consider grilles, registers and diffusers (GRD) as the end of an HVAC system. However, their customers often consider them as the beginning of the system because they see them every day. Why would an HVAC technician risk their reputation on rattling, rusting, or low-quality GRD? Fortunately, RectorSeal offers GRD solutions for ducted HVAC installations that deliver decades of silent performance.

  • TRUaire GRD is comprised of several outstanding features that are instantly associated with high-quality products. First, you’ll see the outstanding paint coverage.  As you hold it, you can feel the quality of the metal constructed from top-grade metal and aluminum. You may not even notice, but there are no spotweld marks, and the rivets are zinc-coated (and installed after powder-coating). Many of the components are powder-coated individually before assembly.  That process not only delivers a consistent finish but ensures the smoothest operation. So smooth, in fact, that it’s called SmoothGlide™ technology.  The result is a durable finish that resists chips, scratches, and dents.

    A testament to the quality of TRUaire GRD products is their quiet operation. Low-quality GRD products often have rattles, whistles, and other airborne noises that are distracting and irritating.  Often, sounds resonating from grilles and registers are presumed to originate with the major HVAC components, not the GRD. As a result, the customer’s impression of the HVAC system and the installer’s reputation are less than desirable.
  • Shoemaker GRD is positioned to deliver customized design solutions that provide consistent and reliable products for commercial and residential installations. To provide the perfect fit, use the Shoemaker quoting and product configurator tool. Shoemaker GRD offers a wide range of customization options from various materials, finishes, sizes, and styles to match specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Shoemaker GRD products are constructed from raw materials like steel, aluminum, or brass to provide excellent longevity and resistance to wear and tear, along with the new premium damper options (OBD dampers). As an added benefit, Shoemaker GRD products are typically designed for straightforward installation, which can save time and effort for HVAC professionals.  

Attending the AHR Expo makes it easy to get lost and exhausted while walking and searching for the best solutions and support to help HVAC technicians.  Save time and relax when you visit RectorSeal at booth #S7958 first. Not only will you see some of the most informative, innovative, time-saving solutions and products, but the RectorSeal staff will be happy to demonstrate their benefits and answer any questions you have. When you need the products, solutions, and training to make you a better HVAC technician, always remember that it’s RectorSeal to the Rescue!

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