Introducing RSH-50 VRMDC Kit with Surge Protector, Voltage Range Monitor and Disconnect Breaker

Houston, TX, May 23, 2023 – RectorSeal LLC., a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC/R and plumbing products, announces the addition of the RSH-50 VRMDC Kit to enhance the full line of RSH series surge protectors. RectorSeal is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSW Industrials, Inc. [NASDAQ: CSWI].

The RSH-50 VRMDC Kit is a multi-function design with a 60 amp service disconnect breaker, surge protector, and voltage range monitor to support 120/240 Single Phase 60 Amp Double Pole Capacity Relays between 15 to 60 amp loads.  No laptop or programming tools are required, resulting in easy set-up: the RSH-50 VRMDC is field programmable. A three-year limited warranty covers the disconnect breaker and voltage range monitoring device, and the surge protection device has a limited lifetime warranty.

Contractors are required to install an outdoor service disconnect box by code when installing a ducted or ductless HVAC system. The RSH-50 VRMDC Kit offers a combined solution to the code requirement along with the beneficial features of surge protection and voltage range monitoring. Rather than having to install individual disconnect boxes and surge protector boxes, the pre-wired RSH-50 VRMDC Kit simplifies installation as both the disconnect and surge protector are located in one box.  The RSH-50 VRMDC Kit provides space within the kit to allow wiring through the back of the enclosure, removing wire visibility and allowing for easier connections in retrofits when the existing wire length is limited. 

The RSH-50 VRMDC Kit has adjustable mounting flanges for easy installation and a heavy-duty hinged enclosure with dual latching mechanisms. The RSH-50 VRMDC has a NEMA 3R weather-resistant rating for protection against rain, sleet, and snow. The device is undamaged by ice formation, allowing for outdoor use.  

Additional features of the RSH-50 VRMDC Kit include an all-mode surge protector with gas tube and thermally fused (MOV) suppression technology. It has a large LCD digital display, in addition to, dual red and green LED diagnostic indicators. The RSH-50 VRMDC has a non-volatile memory that retains all settings when power is lost. An event log is available for review, and more than 300 over/under voltage (and power-loss) events are kept in the resettable internal memory."

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