BLUE+™ / Desolv™

coverRectorSeal® Blue+™ non-setting, multipurpose, lead-free, blue-colored pipe thread sealant is approved for use with multiple plumbing and HVAC/R applications. Blue+ is also unrestricted for use with all threaded metal, polyethylene, fiberglass reinforced, PVC, CPVC and ABS pipe. The smooth, easily brushed texture provides maximum sealing and lubrication, and does not separate during storage. Chemically compatible with Lubrizol’s FlowGuard Gold®, BlazeMaster® and Corzan® pipe and fittings. Ask your wholesaler or call: 800-231-3345.

COIL CLEANER RectorSeal Desolv™ safely dislodges dirt, mold, films and other contaminants from ductless mini-split coils and blower fan blades of mini-split air conditioners. It also prevents overflows from drain pan orifice clogs. The odorless Desolv is guaranteed to dislodge and dissolve contaminants without harming the aluminum, copper and metal alloys of sensitive evaporator coil tubing, fins and the unit’s plastic housing cover. Its no-rinse formula is safer than overly aggressive conventional air conditioning unit coil cleaners. Ask your wholesaler.

RectorSeal is now proud to represent Aspen & Big Foot brands for Canada’s HVAC trades.

source: Contracting Canada Magazine