Brand-new toilet water in bowl STINKS

maxresdefaultUser necron52 writes:

Bought this house in June. One of the first things I did was buy new toilets because the ones here were disgusting (family of 5, 3 boys, and if they ever scrubbed under the rim of their toilets it'd be a surprise to me, they were AWFUL).

My plumber installed both new toilets and said everything underneath looked good. But since day one the wife and I have noticed an odd smell in the downstairs bathroom.

It isn't mold, exactly. It isn't pee, exactly. It isn't sewer gas, exactly. It's just weird and bad. We can't pin it down to a particular time of day, or any specific weather conditions. It doesn't seem more or less prevalent with use or disuse of that toilet.

Tonight I got a strong wave when I opened the toilet lid (we close them because 3 cats) and got the idea to sniff the water in the bowl before doing my business.

It's the water in the bowl. Not the water in the tank - that smells fine. But the bowl is AWFUL smelly.

What could cause this? Where do I even point my plumber to get started? Is there any chance it's something I could fix myself?


That is one the strangest things I’ve ever heard. There is no way that odor can escape the P-Trap in the toilet bowl if it is full of water. Have the customer smell around the base of the toilet where it mounts to the floor and see if the odor is coming out at that point and not the bowl. If the closet flange is below the floor level then wax ring seal may not be pressed against the toilet and making a complete seal. If the wax ring is not crushed when the toilet is removed then that is the problem, the fix would be to add another wax ring. Make sure is a PLAIN WAX  ring that has no plastic sleeve inserted.

- Rick Ensley, SureSeal Product Manager

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