By James Bowman

Going the extra mile in providing a quality preventive maintenance program for your customers means a happy clientele with systems that function properly.

A typical springtime air-conditioning startup includes coil cleaning, checking refrigerant pressures and other inspections right out of the HVAC service textbooks.
However, A/C textbooks rarely mention preventative-maintenance procedures and a host of the “little things” service techs can provide to go the extra mile.

The little things might include: removing rust and applying an anti-seize coating to a motor shaft; tightening electrical terminals; sealing small air-handler crevices where air can leak out; adding a few biocide tablets to a drain pan; or touching up a rusty filter-drier with a galvanizing spray. That extra service may not be immediately noticeable to the customers, but over the long term, their systems will run better and last longer.

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