EZT180 Mini-split Inline Check Valve

Mini waterless in-line check valve sized for use in ductless mini-split applications

  • Permits free condensate flow while blocking odors, noise and insects
  • Freeze resistant
  • Only 2/3" long
  • Includes: 5/8" Mini inline check valve and Includes: 9/16" adapter
  • IMC Code Ductless mini-split system traps
For use in ductless mini-split applications
More Information
Case Weight (lbs) : 1.00
Case Height (inch) : 3.50
Case Length (inch) : 12.00
Case Width (inch) : 14.00
Brand : EZ Trap
Recommended Use : Use EZT180 with mini-split air conditioner applications only. Designed for use with non-kinking corrugated PE Drain Hose (DH-16).
UPC : 021449831802
Interleaved : 10021449831809