Firestop Sealants

  • Designed for use in linear and curtain wall joints, as well as penetrations in walls and floors
  • Highly intumescent*
  • Excellent freeze thaw
  • Advanced testing

*Applicable to specific products, refer to product data for more info.

Why Metacaulk Firestop Sealants?

On-site fire test laboratory monitors all phases of test burns as specified by ASTM E814 (UL1479) or ASTM E1966 (UL 2079).

Longer shelf life at up to 3 years.

Advanced testing. Direct testing speeds the development of new products and UL systems, and delivers quicker response to customer needs.

Web-based UL system selector helps contractors and architects select the correct UL system to best meet the specific field conditions.

Metacaulk offers hands-on firestop training seminars to promote expert application of our firestopping products and systems worldwide.

Comprehensive technical specifications available at MasterSpec®.

Introduced in 1988,
with millions of applications world wide.

The global leader in the life safety and passive fire protection industry, consolidated renowned brands including Bio Fireshield, FlameSafe and Metacaulk into one complete firestopping solution line.



Firestop Solutions Presentation
Firestop Solutions Training
Metacaulk 150+ Testimonial

The Complete Solution

Metacaulk 1000
Intumescent, water-based firestop sealant

Metacaulk 150+
General purpose firestop sealant

Metacaulk 835+
Elastomeric, silicone firestop sealant

Metacaulk 1200
Spray & caulk firestop Mastic

Metacaulk C70
Industrial coating; Fire protection for power cables

Metacaulk 950
Non-combustible firestop sealant