“Furnace freezing up! Please help!”

furnace"Hi guys!

So, like I mentioned, during very cold weather my furnace wont start. I was getting a pressure switch error code, that led me to find a frozen condensate line. I cleared the obstruction and then it worked ok. Now when its cold out it still wont start, giving me the same error code. I checked for another frozen hose but I didn't find any.

I've set up a heater in front of the furnace and if I turn it on and wait about a minute the furnace will kick on and it will run fine as long as that heater is on. Keep in mind that I cant find any frozen spots in the line before I start the heater.

The stress of this is keeping me up at night wondering if the furnace is running or if its kicked off! haha, I could really use some advice. I'm an electrician by trade so I have an understanding of how the whole system works.

Some guys at work were suggesting that maybe wind was being forced in the cold air intake from the outside and it was freezing it up. Not really sure, I would appreciate any advice!

Thanks! - kgray33"

Trap is probably frozen. Buy some electric heat tape and wrap the condensate trap along with the lines. That furnace should never have been installed where it can freeze up like that. - PeppyEpi