Glue On Nozzle

Original G-O-N

  • Solid cast nickel brass
  • 2-piece construction
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Dura G-O-N

  • High impact polymer
  • 10 times the weathering resistance of ABS
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish

1. Anchor

2. Cut

3. Glue

Why G-O-N?

  • Solid 2 piece construction
  • Timeless architectural style
  • Solvent welds directly to drain pipe
  • Professional on site finish
  • 3-step process eliminates the need for additional site work to coordinate with masonry or stucco crew
  • Available in sizes 2” through 12”
  • Bird screens are available as an optional accessory
  • Anti-theft escutcheon 
  • US Patent No. 7,618,067

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The Complete Solution

Original G-O-N
Cast Nickel Brass Glue on Nozzle

Dura G-O-N
High Impact Polymer Glue on Nozzle

G-O-N Nozzle
Bird Screen