Hot water coming out cold?

I-am-ocean asks:

In winter when I turn the hot water on in faucet cold water comes out eventually getting warmer to hot after about (x) seconds, Why does this happen and how do you fix it?

Answer: I would like to recommend a product as a simple solution. Meaning does not require running a new return pipe across the house. Install it under the sink at your farthest point from the water heater (which faucet takes the longest to warm up. it is very economical to operate but you have to decide which cost you more, electricity or water. This one operates at a cost similar to a 40 watt light bulb. I installed this pump a couple of months ago and have very pleased with the results. A non-professional can install it depending on your level of comfort and handiness. Please hire a professional if you do not fully understand any of the process involved. A water leak or electrical issue will far out way the cost of a professional. Hope this helps - James Bowman, National Technical Manager, HVACR