HRV issues/Condensation on ducts.

Stenas asks: I moved into this house in February and it was fairly cold last winter. We've had a bit of a cold snap and its been 14 to 30ish for the last week. I went downstairs and noticed a puddle of water on the floor and checked the HRV until above it. There is water dripping down the ducts.

I cleared out the closet and the water is dripping from under the duct insulation (grey wrap tapped at the ends, tape seal was/is loose).

I know this is an issue but is there anything I can do in the interim while I wait for a HVAC contractor to come out?

As an aside: the unit is a Venmar Constructo 1.5ES it hasn't really worked since I bought the house. If you turn it on its stuck in high mode and you cannot use the singular on unit button to change it to low or panel controlled.

Is the unit not being on adding to the problem?


A: The condensation is caused by the surface dewpoint of the duct being below the dewpoint of the surrounding air. Insulate the duct with a vapour barrier. You could do it yourself.  - Deux1