HubSett™ Test Couplings for PVC & ABS Pipes

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Test Couplings for Residential and Commercial Drain Waste and Vent Systems

Available in 3 inch and 4 inch PVC and ABS for horizontal testing.

The HubSett™ test coupling is a uniquely designed coupling and test device all in one. It replaces other test methods and allows the buildings drain waste and vent system to be connected to the sewer line prior to the initial test.

Once the HubSett™ test coupling has been properly installed and inspected, the entire system maybe covered, allowing the builder to complete all groundwork from sidewalk to landscaping.

Upon passing inspection, the HubSett™ test dome is easily removed with one quick pull on the release cord, allowing water to flow into the sewer. The HubSett? test coupling now functions as any other coupling, and does not need to be removed.

HubSett™ test couplings are available for horizontal testing.

HubSett™test couplings can be pre-assembled in cleanout fittings in the shop prior to taking them to the job site, to save assembly time in the field.

. Reliable . Safe . Saves Money . Easy to Use
. Multiple Applications . 12 ft. Cord

Product Codes And Case Sizes
Product CodeSizeQuantityUPCInterleavedDimensionsCubic Feet
740442 oz480214497404491002144974044610x8x9.42
740474 oz240214497404701002144974047712x10x7.49
7404616 oz120214497404631002144974046014 5/8 x 10 15/16 x 4 1/2.48