HVAC: Dealing with safety issues such as cuts?

snipsSirmish asks:

My boss is pretty adamant that we wear gloves. We use the nitrate palm gloves so we have some grip on the ductwork. It doesn't protect from more than fish hooks on the metalwork it seems to me though.

Do you guys have your installers where any particular gloves to help with this?

PestilentSwarm responds:

Practice. After a while you get used to holding edges without the edges grabbing you. You'll also get used to using snips and having clean cuts all the time.

One tip for snips, don't squeeze them all the down for every cut. If you do smooth motions and only go about halfway down you'll find it much easier to cut clean, straight edges. Also, when holding snips don't wrap your thumb around the handle. Just it rest along the top edge of the snips. This will keep you from cutting that meaty part of your thumb/palm along the edge of the sheet metal.

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