Metacaulk Box Guard 4 11/16" Box

Metacaulk Box Guard is a 1-component fire-rated pad for use in electrical boxes. When exposed to fire, it will expand forming a char that seals the opening, prevents spread of flames & limits temperature rise on unexposed surfaces.

  • Metacaulk Box Guard is applied by hand, and must comply with NEC 314.16 (formerly 370.16) or other applicable codes. STC 53 Rating, Tested in a UL 411 wall assembly/section to ASTM E90.
  • Easy to Install- Adheres to Back of Electrical Box. Cost Effective and Great for retrofit jobs.
  • ASTM E814 (UL 1479)
  • Non-Conductive, Dielectric Breakdown Voltage 22V/mil (ASTM D 149)
  • A labor saving, economical alternative to putty pads.

Insert on inside back panel of electrical boxes to maintain integrity of fire-rated wall assemblies. When used as directed, horizontal separation between outlet boxes on opposite sides of wall may be less than 24 inches.
More Information
Case Weight (lbs) : 11.04
Case Height (inch) : 4.63
Case Length (inch) : 7.25
Case Width (inch) : 9.00
Brand : Metacaulk Box Guard
Recommended Use : Use only in tested configuration recommended by RectorSeal.
UPC : 021449663694
Interleaved : 10021449663691