RectorSeal® NoKink™ Flexible Refrigerant Line Connector

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Product Data

Used when installing a ductless mini split evaporator unit. It allows the contractor to easily install the refrigerant lines coming out of the wall to the DMSS evaporator. It prevent refrigerant line from kinking and allows for an easier installation saving time and labor costs. Each NoKink has a 3” long copper end for easier flaring. It has an operating pressure rating of up to 800PSI.

Product Codes
Product CodeWire Snagger™ 3/0 (2/0, 3/0 wire)Quantity
979611 Tool w/ 13″ long wire rope1
979621 Tool w/ 20″ long wire rope1
979631 Tool w/ 27″ long wire rope1
979641 Tool w/ 34″ long wire rope1