Nokorode 95/5 Pre-Tinning Paste, 8 oz.

Nokorode Pre-Tinning Paste Flux is a creamy-smooth paste specifically formulated with a small amount of 95/5 tin/antimony solder powder in the formula and a heat indicator. It is formulated to clean, pretin and flux the joint all at one time.

  • Produces excellent, leak-free soldered joints
  • Lead-free. Formula is safe for use on potable systems
  • Cleans, Pre-tins and fluxes
  • Excellent wetting ability allows solder to flow easily and uniformly into joints
  • Contains small amount of 95/5 solder powder
recommended for 95/5 or 50/50 solder applications
More Information
Case Weight (lbs) : 15.65
Case Height (inch) : 7.63
Case Length (inch) : 8.75
Case Width (inch) : 11.63
Brand : Nokorode
Recommended Use : Use on metals including copper, tin, zinc, nickel, and sheet lead. Do not use on magnesium or aluminum.
UPC : 052541141155
Interleaved : 10052541141152
Shelf Life : 2.00 YRS