Novent® Dual Protection Against Valve Cap Leakage and Huffing. Simple Screw-on Installation.

noventstillNovent® locking caps seal standard Schraeder service valves on central AC units and minisplits to help prevent refrigerant leakage. Safe guard your AC system efficiency from loss or accidental mixing of refrigerant gases and from serious injury or death resulting from the inhalation of dangerous refrigerants.


R22 and R410 color coded and embossed ID help prevent refigerant gas mixing.

Silver universal caps include adhesive labels for commonly used refrigerants.

It's in the code. Effective February 2009, the International Mechanical Code and International Residential Code now require that all outdoor ports on refrigerant circuits be made tamper resistant.


ngr2210pkt 86661 (NG-R22)

  • Novent R22 Cap 10 Pack

ngr222pkt 86662 (NG-R22)

  • Novent R22 Cap 2 Pack

ngr2250pkt 86663 (NG-R22)

  • Novent R22 Cap 50 Pack

ngr22sdtt 86660 (NG-R22-SDT)

  • Novent Screwdriver tool for R22 and Universal Caps

ngstartpakt 86668 (NG - STARTPAK)

  • Novent R22/R410 Starter Pack


nper4102pkt 86672 (NPE-R410)

  • Novent R410 Cap 2 Pack

nper41050pkt 86673 (NPE-R410)

  • Novent R410 Euro Cap 50 Pack

npr41010pkt 86681 (NP-R410)

  • Novent R410 Cap 10 Pack

npr4102pkt 86682 (NP-R410)

  • Novent R410 Cap 2 Pack

npr41050pkt 86683 (NP-R410)

  • Novent R410 Cap 50 Pack

npr410sdtt 86688 (NP-R410-SDT)

  • Novent Screwdriver tool for R410 and R410 Euro Caps

npstartpakt 86680 (NP-STARTPACK)

  • Novent R410 Starter Pack


nsstartpakt 86690 (NS-STARTPAK)

  • Novent Universal Starter Pack

nsuni10pkt 86691 (NS-UNI)

  • Novent Universal 10 Pack

nsuni2pkt 86692 (NS-UNI)

  • Novent Universal 2 Pack

nsuni50pkt 86693 (NS-UNI)

  • Novent Universal 50 Pack

nvmultikeyt 86698 (NV-MULTI-KEY)

  • Novent Multikey