AC Leak Freeze PRO

AC Leak Freeze PRO



  • Single use – disposable
  • Polymer free nano formula
  • Low Loss Safety Fitting
  • Ready to use
  • Safe for system
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • OEM approved
  • POP packaged
  • Infuse into system using standard HVAC manifold
  • Nylon hose, brass fittings and copper reservoir are all 100% recyclable.
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Product Description

Quickly and safely extend the life of A/C and refrigerant systems

NANO leak sealant formula is reliable, safe and polymer free. Magic Frost adds an anti-friction lubricant to reduce noise/vibration so system runs smoother, more efficient. UV adds the ability for a UV light source to detect larger leaks for system assessment.

PRO Nano

  • Reliable, safe and polymer-free*
  • Leak seeking nano particles.

PRO Nano with Magic Frost:

  • Magic Frost formula enhances system performance reducing compressor noise and extend compressor life.
  • Magic Frost adds anti-friction lubricant to reduce noise/vibration.
  • System runs smoother, more efficient.


  • UV adds the ability for a UV light source to detect larger leaks for system assessment.

Additional Information

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Installation to be performed with standard HVAC manifold, by a licensed A/C Technician

All Product Variations

SKUNameCase QtySize & DescInterleavedUPCWeightDimensions
45308LEAK FRZ .5 OZ MINISPLIT W/ UV12.05 oz./15ml UV Mini-split100214494530870214494530805.251.5 × 1.5 × 6.5 in
45309LEAK FREEZE .5 OZ MINISPLIT12.05 oz./15ml nano Mini-Split100214494530940214494530975.251.5 × 1.5 × 6.5 in
45316LEAK FREEZE PRO NANO 1.46 OZ121.46 oz. nano1002144945316202144945316572 × 1.5 × 10 in
45317AC Leak Freeze Nano PRO with magic Frost121.46 oz. nano Magic Frost1002144945317902144945317272 × 1.5 × 10 in
45318LEAK FREEZE UV PRO 1.46 OZ121.46 oz UV100214494531890214494531898.52 × 1.5 × 10 in