Insulated Drain Hose

Insulated Drain Hose



  • Exclusive hose for drain-up piping commercial A/C
  • Easy to adjust position
  • Very Quick!
  • Less risk for water leakage
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Product Description

Drain-up hose kit for indoor unit of commercial A/C. These insulated drain hoses will greatly reduce install time, since there is no need to cut and cement plastic pipes for the drain assembly.

Additional Information

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This piping is exclusive for indoor use. Do not use the product outdoors

All Product Variations

SKUCase QtyProductSize & DescUPCInterleavedWeightDimensions
8430610DSH-UP20E20E-07elbow to elbow 70cm021449843065100214498430627.534.25 × 14.6 × 6.69 in
8430710DSH-UP20E20E-10elbow to elbow 100cm021449843072100214498430799.2646.06 × 14.2 × 6.69 in
8430810DSH-UP20E20S-07elbow to straight coupler 70cm021449843089100214498430867.3934.25 × 14.6 × 6.69 in
8430910DSH-UP20E20S-10elbow to straight coupler 100cm021449843096100214498430939.1546.06 × 14.2 × 6.69 in