RectorSeal® EP-200 Epoxy Putty

RectorSeal® EP-200 Epoxy Putty



  • Mixes like putty
  • Hardens in minutes
  • Can be drilled, taped, filed, machined, sanded and painted
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Product Description

EP-200 epoxy putty is a pre-measured kneadable reinforced epoxy putty stick that cures "steel-hard" within 15- 20 minutes of mixing at room temperature (77°F). It is extremely tough and durable with exceptional adhesion to a wide range of surfaces

Additional Information

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Drying Time Minutes



Pre-measured, high-grade epoxy and hardener formulated together in one stick, Break off the amount needed for each repair, Bonds to most surfaces

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97600242 OZ RECTORSEAL EP-200 W/DISPL021449976015100214499760056.228.75 × 6.88 × 2.38 in
97601242 OZ RECTORSEAL EP-200 REFILL021449976015100214499760124.148.75 × 6.88 × 2.38 in
9760212EP-200 BLISTER PACK021449976022100214499760292.467.75 × 4.75 × 1 in
97606124 OZ RECTORSEAL EP-400 W/DISPL021449976060100214499760674.158.75 × 6.88 × 2.38 in