SureSeal Waterless Inline Drain Trap Seal

SureSeal Waterless Inline Drain Trap Seal



  • Stops drain odors and bugs
  • Simple one-piece installation
  • 4 press fit models fit all drains
  • Patented air relief valve
  • Economical & Saves water – eliminates need for trap primer


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Product Description

Waterless inline floor drain trap seal, SureSeal® waterless in-line floor drain trap easily press fits into any standard drain to seal out odors & bugs.

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SureSeal® can be used with 2”, 3”, and 4” floor drains and 3½” and 4” floor drain strainers to trap odors, SureSeal® can be easily retrofitted to older drains, as its variety of designs ensure compatibility with all other drain types.

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9704162” Drain trap seal10021449970416021449970419N/A
9704263” Drain trap seal10021449970423021449970426N/A
9704363½” Drain trap seal10021449970430021449970433N/A
9704464” Drain trap teal10021449970447021449970440N/A