Metacaulk Putty Sticks

Metacaulk Putty is a moldable non-curing 1-component fire-rated material for through penetration firestop systems. Intumesces when exposed to fire, forming an insulating char. Prevents spread of flames/smoke/gas/water through penetrations.

  • For interior use and has No Volatile Solvents- useful when installing in confined spaces or occupied areas. Does not have Asbestos Fillers. D.O.T Classification is Not Regulated.
  • Applied by hand and Easy to install- Mixing never required and no special skills or additives are necessary for installation. Adheres to all common building common surfaces.
  • Rated for up to 3 hrs. in accordance with the ASTM E 814, UL 1479 and ULC/CAN4-S115-M test standards. Pads have Sound Transmission Class (STC) Rating 60. Only one pad thickness (1/8") needed for a 1-2hr. fire rating.
  • No additional putty material needed to plug end of each electrical metallic tube or conduit as its connection to the box.
  • Required by Building Codes in rated partitions where horizontal separation of opposite facing electrical boxes is under 24 inches.

Use Metacaulk Putty to seal around cable, electrical conduit & metal pipe through fire-rated walls, floors and blank openings to prevent passage of smoke, flame and toxic gases. Do not expose to water.
More Information
Case Weight (lbs) : 11.88
Case Height (inch) : 6.38
Case Length (inch) : 5.38
Case Width (inch) : 11.25
Brand : Metacaulk
Recommended Use : Small Openings, EMT Pipe, Steel, Conduit, and Cabling, (Telephone, Power, Communications) and metal or non-metallic Electrical Boxes
UPC : 021449663458
Interleaved : 10021449663455
Shelf Life : 2.00 YRS