Push-to-Connect Refrigerant Fittings

  • Easy Push-In Design
  • No Flaring or Brazing Needed
  • Quick Release Removal
  • Airtight Seal with Double O-Rings
  • Compatible with Major Refrigerants

Why PRO-Fit Quick Connect?

Flame-free connections. No flaring or brazing needed.

Push-in connections. Cut, de-burr, mark insertion depth, then push piping into the fitting.

Easy-release removal. Place the release tool against the fitting and pull the piping from the fitting.

Brass body. Robust, durable, reliable.

Double o-ring seal. High performance chloroprene elastomers help prevent potential leaks.

Thoroughly tested. UL Listed. Tested to UL 157, 207, 250 and 1963.

Complete system. Compatible with ductless mini-split and unitary ducted residential systems.

Major refrigerants. Allows HCFC and HFC refrigerants.

Major linesets. Works with copper and coated aluminum linesets.

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