RectorSeal Introduces Check-Flo™️ Normally-Open Backwater Valve to the Canadian Plumbing Market

Check-FloCheck-Flo™️ is industry’s first backwater valve to use a repelling magnetic levitation flapper for reliable sewer backflow prevention.

RectorSeal® LLC, Houston, a leading manufacturer of quality plumbing and HVAC/R products, introduces Check-Flo™️, the Canadian plumbing industry’s only normally-open backwater valve design that incorporates a patented repelling magnetic levitation flapper to ensure the most reliable sewer backflow prevention.

Certified under CSA B181.1-2015, Check-Flo model 96894 is designed for preventing reverse backwater flow into four-inch-diameter (10-cm) residential building main lines from street sewers that are clogged or flooded from excess storm volume.

Check-Flo’s flapper design uses a strong embedded magnet that levitates it away from a polarized magnet embedded in the valve body bottom. The levitation prevents the flapper from sticking open from valve body bottom-dwelling substances, which potentially prevent other flapper designs from closure during property damaging backflow events. The flapper’s hinge pin/sleeve’s stainless steel construction inhibits dirt accumulation and is designed as a loose, free-moving mechanism, versus tight-fitting plastic-based hinge/sleeves that are more susceptible to grime collection and flapper jamming.

Check-Flo’s sturdy ABS valve body also uses a low maintenance, streamlined design with no internal sharp edges, obstacles or corners that foster debris build-up that can lead to flapper failure. When cleaning is required, the valve body’s six-inch-diameter (15-cm) transparent access cap allows the unprecedented feature of both upstream and downstream main line rodding. Additional access is offered by easily removing the valve’s transparent inspection cover’s 12 hex-head bolts.

Other features and benefits are:

  • Certified to CSA and ASME A112.14.1-2003 (R2008) standards;
  • Flapper is replaceable through the access cap or removable valve cover;
  • Retrofit-able with all brands of existing access boxes. New construction installations can be combined with an optional Check-Flo ABS plastic access box, model 96899;
  • Constructed of corrosion-resistant ABS plastic and stainless steel parts;
  • Flapper relies completely on maintenance-free magnetic levitation instead of polyethylene floats that need periodic inspection;
  • One-year warranty from installation date;


Available at most Canadian plumbing wholesale distributors in a package of three units, each with an attractive white cardboard carton that features illustrations and instructions. Each package includes a step-by-step instruction sheet;