Safe-T-Switch (New)

Next generation Safe-T-Switch, low-voltage condensate overflow cutoff switches and inline cleanout are designed to detect clogged A/C condensate drains. The built-in, easy-access, external, hand-ratcheting float adjusts without uninstalling or cap removal, to minimize false shut-offs. The SC1 cleanout device features a Schrader valve connection to eliminate disassembly to clear blockage.

  • SS1, SS2, SS3 switches are IMC code 307.2.3.4 compliant
  • Switches include the adjustable ratcheting float level
  • SC1 is an IMC code 307.2.5 compliant inline cleanout device
  • SC1 cleanout device features Schrader valve pressure cleaning

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Safe-T-Switch condensate overflow switches (SS1, SS2 and SS3) detect clogged A/C condensate drains and shut off the system to prevent water damage, fulfilling IMC code 307.2.3.4. Safe-T-Switch cleanout devices (SS1 and SC1) provide quick and easy access for cleaning condensate drain lines using any method, fulfilling IMC code 307.2.5.

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