Heating Service Products

  • Protective maintenance for steam and hot water systems.
  • Designed to ensure boilers, tankless water heaters, and furnaces operate at optimum performance.
  • Extend the life of older systems and promote safe, clean operating environments.

Why RectorSeal Heating Service Products?

A long history of HVAC chemical innovation through the Stewart-Hall company, supported with current on-site chemists and chemistry lab through RectorSeal.

Ensures properly operating heating systems with regular maintenance.

Drives energy savings for homeowners by improving energy efficiency. Removing unwanted buildup ensures heating systems are not overworked which saves money on energy and costly repairs.

Proper treatment protects the system from scale, corrosion, foaming and other forms of damage that can occur over use and time.

Product Presentation

The Stewart Hall History
Product Training

The Complete Solution

Boiler surge inhibitor

Boiler water conditioner

Boiler surge treatment

Scale Flush
Boiler scale remover
(Formerly Steamaster)

Boiler leak sealant

Burner soot remover

Furnace & retort cement

Odorgon Spray
Fuel oil neutralizer (spray)

Odorgon Powder
Fuel oil neutralizer (powder)

Calci-free Kit
Complete tankless water heater flush kit

Calci-free Cleaner
Tankless water heater flush

Better Bubble
Gas leak locator


RectorSeek Low-Temp
Low temperature leak locator

RectorSeek Mid-Temp
Mid temperature leak locator

EP-200 & 400
Epoxy putty

Instantly stops small leaks in steel tanks

RectorSeal No. 5
Multi-purpose pipe thread sealant

RectorSeal T Plus 2
PTFE enriched pipe thread sealant