SureSeal Drain Trap Seal/Check valve, 2"

Waterless inline floor drain trap seal / backwater protection, SureSeal Plus waterless in-line floor drain trap seal fits into any standard drain to seal out drain odor, bugs and also provides protection against drain backup up to 5ft of head pressure.

  • Stops drain backup, drain odors and bugs
  • Stops up to 5ft of head pressure
  • Simple one-piece installation, 4 press fit models fit all drains
  • Patented air relief valve
  • Economical & Saves water - eliminates need for trap primer
SureSeal Plus can be used with 2", 3", and 4" floor drains and 31/2" and 4" floor drain strainers to trap odors, SureSeal Plus can be easily retrofitted to older drains, as its variety of designs ensure compatibility with all other drain types.
More Information
Case Weight (lbs) : 1.21
Case Height (inch) : 6.13
Case Length (inch) : 8.75
Case Width (inch) : 11.25
Brand : SureSeal
Recommended Use : i.e. shower drains, outdoor drains, basement drains, water heater drains, HVAC condensation drains, maintenance areas, floor/mop sinks, residential bathrooms, under kitchen sinks, apartment and condo bathrooms.
UPC : 021449970457
Interleaved : 10021449970454