Time-Saving Paircoil, Pre-insulated, Linesets for A/C Systems

paircoilRectorSeal® Corp., Houston,  a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC/R products, introduces Paircoil, pre-insulated, malleable linesets designed specifically to expedite installations of ductless mini-split and conventional air-conditioning systems in North America.

Paircoil is sold in 65-foot (20-meter) rolls of either 1/4 (6.35-mm) and 3/8-inch-diameter (9.52-mm); or 1/4 and 1/2-inch-diameter (12.7-mm) copper liquid/suction line sizes. Paircoil's durable industrial-grade insulation features a UV light and wear-resistant coating with a non-frictional surface making it easy to pull. It also features embossed incremental one-meter inscriptions for hands-free measuring. The competitively-priced Paircoil's white insulation efficiently reflects solar heat, is water-resistant, and features a hardened, but ductile surface. Unlike the industry standard of black, spongy and easily-torn foam insulation, it doesn't absorb moisture or prematurely disintegrate from UV light or freeze/thaw cycles.

Paircoil other features include:

  • Ductility allows bending, shaping and forming without kinking;
  • Thin 3/8-inch (9.52-mm) insulation thickness allows space with all lineset protection ducting such as Fortress and SlimDuct®.
  • Accommodates operating pressures of up to 600-psi.
  • Comes with straight, plain ends;
  • Meets ASTM-International specification standards B280 seamless copper tube for air-conditioning and refrigeration field service; and C534 for preformed flexible, elastomeric cellular thermal insulation;
  • Packaged in a fully-illustrated sturdy, protective cardboard carton that's easily multi-stacked without lineset damage;
  • Easily decoupled without cutting tools for reaching separated terminal connections;
  • Available through all major HVAC wholesale distributors;

The addition of Paircoil makes RectorSeal a comprehensive line of ductless mini-split air conditioning installation accessories offering everything except the air conditioning unit itself. RectorSeal offers the following air-conditioning installation support products that are all backed by RectorSeal's customer and technical support departments:

  • condenser equipment mounts and brackets;
  •  condensate gravity drain hoses and traps;
  • Aspen condensate pumps;
  • Novent®  and GasGuard IMC and IRC code-mandated locking refrigerant caps for Schraeder valves;
  • Safe-T-Switch®  and AquaGuard® condensate shut-off switches;
  •  ACTabs condensate pan biocides;
  • Goliath and Titan plastic condensate pans;
  •  Fortress and SlimDuct lineset protection ducts;
  •  NoKink connectors for easier lineset connection to evaporators;