Top 3 Tips for New HVAC Tradesmen

New to the trade and just got my gas license a few months ago. I'm working in the field with a small company helping with some service and installation and I've got a lot to learn still. Hoping you guys could help me out with some general tips that would be useful to a new guy to the trade. -NigelPieman

#3. Ask questions, ask why things are done certainly ways, and why things aren't done certain ways. Don't be afraid to look dumb, not every one knows everything from day one. Pay attention to everything and when you don't understand what's being done, speak up. -BeanyLinguini

#2. Most important thing pay attention to every single thing that your Tech does, stay out of the way, and ask as many questions as you can. You're not going to learn it overnight. It takes years to become a truly good technician. -Zackhood

#1. Keep your phone in your pocket all day. -Generic_Esoteric

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