Upstairs shower leaking into downstairs

1a9User Zenaxis writes:

"Hello, so recently we have been using the upstairs shower which is right above the downstairs bathroom. It does not appear be leaking a huge amount as far as I can tell but if you take a shower longer than a few minutes you will get drips through the downstairs ceiling fan. I will post pictures if needed but I'm just trying to figure out where to start before cutting holes in drywall. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you."

Answer: I had similar thing happen to our house.  However, are you sure running water upstairs is the only time when it’s leaking?

In our case, it was leaking in the ceiling downstairs when the water to the house was on.  Reason: contractors used steel piping, not copper, and it had a slight cut that turned into a big cut.  Cure? I cut 4” round hole to determine where exactly was the leak, but nice square section about 14”x14”, then used RectorSeal Pipe Repair Kit over the damaged pipe. - Jerry M