What’s Wrong with a Fire-Rated Engineering Judgement

wc1113-FEAT5-Fire-p1SLIn order to better serve and provide technical assistance to contractors and architects CEMCO has teamed up with Rectorseal to provide the most comprehensive line of UL tested firestopping solutions in the industry. Never before has a metal stud manufacturer and a firestopping manufacturer teamed up to offer the best of both; intumescent and fire spray.  This collaboration allows the contractor to incorporate the firestopping into the wall assembly as its being built rather than filling voids after the walls are framed, drywall is installed, and joints are difficult to get to.

CEMCO's R&D Manager Don Pilz has written this month's featured article for the Walls&Ceiling magazine "What's Wrong with a Fire-Rated Engineering Judgement". The article outline what is required for a properly prepared EJ and how the contractor can benefits when manufacturers collaborate.