ArmorPad Equipment Pad 32" x 32" x 3"

provides support and lift for the HVAC condenser unit outdoor, light weight - less than 11lbs, supports up 1400lbs, EPA registered insecticide infused in foam core, high anchoring strength, weather resistant including UV, freeze/thaw, chemical resistant against compressor oils, refrigerants, coil cleaners and salt.

  • Super light-weight at less than 11 lbs
  • Highly durable with load capacity of more than 1400 lbs/ sq ft
  • high anchoring strength
  • UV, chemical, Freeze and thaw resistance
  • solid fill interior
provides support and lift for the HVAC condenser unit
More Information
Case Weight (lbs) : 86.10
Case Height (inch) : 46.00
Case Length (inch) : 32.50
Case Width (inch) : 32.50
Brand : ArmorPad
Recommended Use : residential and commercial hvac units
UPC : 021449844048
Color : GRAY
Application : provides support and lift for the HVAC condenser unit
Fin/Blade Spacing : .000
Fin Degree : 0
Screw Holes : 0

High-strength, lightweight equipment pads

ArmorPad equipment pads are designed to be used in place of heavy concrete air conditioner pads. Heavy concrete pads are susceptible to chipping and breaking and traditional air conditioner pads can become unlevel, which can lead to potential damage to your equipment, resulting in costly repairs or even replacements.


Molded into a single piece with pure, high-quality polypropylene resin and engineered for even support and vibration absorption. Hollow core design allows for stackable nesting of multiple pads, lightweight shipping, space-saving material handling and easier transport to the jobsite.


Exterior is molded from a single piece of high-quality polymer resin providing a high load capacity. Solid, filled core provides exceptional strength and support for the outdoor unit. Vibration absorbing. 


Aircore and Foamcore have been designed to reduce weight for easier installation and transportation without sacrificing strength and durability.

ArmorPad’s single piece, high-quality construction provides superior load capacity for residential and commercial condenser units.

Our “single-use/first-use”, durable polymer resin and wide range of sizes in 2" and 3" depths will meet the needs of any job or environmental conditions.

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