Aspen Xtra Medium Floor Stand

Medium floor stand display accessory and pipe support line for ductless A/C equipment installation

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Case Weight (lbs) : 22.00
Case Height (inch) : 36.60
Case Length (inch) : 2.70
Case Width (inch) : 24.40
Brand : Aspen Xtra
Interleaved : 10021449839683
Color : NA
Fin/Blade Spacing : .000
Fin Degree : 0
Screw Holes : 0

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Condensate pumps for mini-split systems

Aspen Pumps is a trusted brand that has been manufacturing condensate pumps for over 25 years.


Fully Potted Design

The Aspen Pumps fully potted design provides exceptional protection against moisture and water damage by encasing the motor and electrical wires in resin. 


Univolt Technology

Aspen Pumps accept voltage inputs from 100-250V helping to reduce failure from voltage spikes and drops that may occur due to an unstable power grid. This feature enhances the reliability of the pump, ensuring that it continues to operate even in challenging conditions.

 width=quiet operation

Aspen pumps operate at lower sound levels than those commonly found in similar competitive units.


Aspen Pumps offer a wide range of models, providing the necessary versatility and configurations to suit any ductless installation.

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