Guardian Drain Lock DUO 2 in 1 Basket

Guardian Drain Lock DUO 2 in 1 Basket fits over your Guardian Drain or Dome D-Lock Drain Lock. The basket features a 2 piece straining design that allows users to quickly and easily remove debris and sediment from a floor sink. The 2 in 1 basket features two strainer sizes with the top basket designed to filter larger particles and the bottom basket to filter smaller particles of debris.

  • CLOG PROTECTION: Protects commercial floor sinks from unwanted debris clogging pipes and backing up plumbing lines; top strainer catches large debris while the lower basket sifts out smaller sediment; will not float in a full sink
  • CUTS DOWN ON SOLID WASTE: Safeguards against floating rags, bags and other unwanted kitchen debris from blocking pipe exit; prevents blockage in common areas and city main lines
  • COST SAVINGS: Reduces unwanted plumbing expenses from clogs; prevents damage to P-Traps from cabling after clog removal
  • EASY & SECURE INSTALLATION: Convenient drop-in design; multiple finger pulls to easily retrieve both the nesting basket and straining basket

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For use in floor sinks basins to collect sediment and debris for food processing plants, restaurants, grocery stores, and any place that utilizes indirect drainage.
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Brand : Guardian Drain-Lock
Recommended Use : For use in Floor Sinks
Locking Floor Sink & Floor Drains for Commercial Facilities
Guardian Drain Lock products are debris-free locking strainers that provide peace of mind and considerable savings in maintenance and repair costs.
Cutting-edge, tamper-resistant structure safeguards against the accumulation of undesirable debris that could obstruct and impede plumbing lines.
The floor drain strainer's single-bolt installation feature makes maintenance a breeze, ensuring effortless upkeep.
Guardian Drain Lock significantly reduces the recurring expenses associated with professional pipeline repair services and minimizes downtime.

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