Metacaulk Intumescent Sleeve 68 6" (+) 8"

Metacaulk Intumescent Sleeve is a firestop seal for several types of plastic pipe & hard non-metal conduit installations. Ideal for flammable pipes penetrating the uneven concrete fluted deck assembly. No need to firestop both penetration sides.

  • Tested for PVC, CPVC, ABS and PVC/ABS Foam Core, FRPP, PP, PVDF pipe
  • Easy installation without modifications, steel bolts or fasteners- Fasten with fiberglass tape, pop rivets or hose clamps around pipe.
  • Economical and Saves on Labor Cost
  • No Measurement of Material Required and easily wraps around pipes. Eliminates need for collars/wrap strips.
  • Flexible, Can be retrofitted, easily removed and replaced and is manufactured from a durable galvanized steel outer shell lined with a highly intumescent material

Concrete floor/wall installations & concrete fluted deck assembly. Approved with optional sleeve (S/10 or heavier) cast or grouted into floor/wall for 8"(20 cm) or smaller PVC/CPVC. Gives immediate smoke seal when used with Biostop 500+/150+
More Information
Case Weight (lbs) : 4.50
Case Height (inch) : .25
Case Length (inch) : 8.25
Case Width (inch) : 18.00
Brand : Metacaulk
Recommended Use : Can be used with pipe sizes ranging from 2 in to 8.0 in, Great for pipes penetrating walls > 90° angle. Not for use in environments where long-term exposure to rainfall/saltwater spray may occur
UPC : 021449665827
Interleaved : 10021449665824