Metacaulk Mortar, 45 .lbs

Metacaulk Fire Rated Mortar is a rapid-hardening gypsum/cement compound with the best combination of workability, strength & fire resistance. When mixed with clean water to a suitable consistency it forms a rigid, gas tight, fire-resistant seal.

  • Systems rated for up to 4 hours & tested in accordance with ASTM E 814 (UL 1479) and ULC-S115-95 test standards.
  • Non-sag adjustable consistency (pourable or trowelable)
  • Sets without shrinking Protected in wet & dry stages against mold growth with a combination of biocides
  • Safe and simple to use- no special tools needed to mix or install
  • Workable in approximately 45 minutes & can easily be cut/drilled/resealed if future penetrants are needed. High yield per pound

A fire rated load bearing mortar to economically firestop large openings for through-penetrations in fire-rated walls and floors. Can use with power cables, fiber optic telephone cables.
More Information
Case Weight (lbs) : 45.12
Case Height (inch) : 5.00
Case Length (inch) : 14.50
Case Width (inch) : 19.00
Brand : Metacaulk
Recommended Use : Recommended for aluminum/steel cable trays, EMT, copper, steel, black iron pipe, Power/telephone cables, Fiber optics & Cast iron pipe. Not for areas which will be constantly immersed/wet. Should not use in areas that experience vibration/movement.
UPC : 021449663342
Interleaved : N/A
Shelf Life : 2.00 YRS