Nokorode Hot Weather Paste Flux, 1 lb.

Nokorode Hot Weather Flux is a lead free, soft soldering paste flux especially formulated to remain thick in hot weather applications. It is ideal for use with 95/5 and other common solders. It cleans and fluxes the joint area all at one time.

  • Cleans and fluxes in one operation saving time and money
  • Flows smoothly into even the smallest cavity
  • Multipurpose for use with 95/5, 60/40, 50/50, and 40/60 solder
  • Remains thick in higher temperatures
  • Lead free and acid free - safe to use on potable water systems
Use with 95/5, 60/40, 50/50, and 40/60 solders
More Information
Case Weight (lbs) : 13.88
Case Height (inch) : 4.75
Case Length (inch) : 10.56
Case Width (inch) : 14.88
Brand : Nokorode
Recommended Use : Use on all solderable metals including copper, tin, zinc, nickel, and sheet lead. Do not use on stainless steel, aluminum or magnesium.
UPC : 052541148307
Interleaved : 10052541148304
Shelf Life : 2.00 YRS