Novent Silver Universal

Novent Silver Universal



  • Resists crushing & removal without key
  • Corrosion resistant anodized aluminum
  • Integral neoprene O-ring resists oils & sealants
  • Torque limiter prevents over tightening
  • Tamper-Resistant refrigerant cap
  • Safe guard your AC system

All Product Variations

SKUCase QtySizeInterleavedUPCWeightDimensions
8669350UNI CAP 1/4" THD1002144986693102144986693411.5 × 6 × 1 in
866922UNI CAP 1/4" THD100214498669240214498669275 × 1 × 5.5 in
86694100UNI CAP 1/4" THD100214498669480214498669410.0611.75 × 6.25 × 2.12 in
8669110UNI CAP 1/4" THD100214498669170214498669105 × 1 × 5.5 in

Product Description

Precision machined from high grade brass & covered by shielding aluminum shroud, & special tools are needed to apply/remove Novent® caps. All caps are embossed & color-coded. Proper installation helps stop accidental refrigerant mixing in A/C systems.

Additional Information

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Seals standard Schrader service valves on all central A/C units and mini-splits to help prevent refrigerant leakage, Protects from serious injury or death resulting from the inhalation of dangerous gases


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