Turbo-Kleen A/C System Flush

Turbo-Kleen A/C System Flush



  • Removes oil, sludge, carbon, and other deposits found inside A/C & Refrigeration line sets
  • Unique combination of chemical cleaning and scrubbing
  • Stays active during the entire cleaning process
  • Low toxicity
  • Cost effective, reusable system; only buy refills for future jobs

Product Description

Turbo-Kleen™ is a chemical cleaner for HVAC/R systems, to clean refrigeration line sets when installing new compressors after burnouts, or when converting to R-410A refrigerant. US patent No 8,298,345 & 8,734,589

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Quick and less expensive way to completely clean residual oil and contaminants from A/C line sets, Scrubbing action cleans more completely than chemicals alone, can be applied on any type of Air Conditioning or Refrigeration system



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