Metacaulk C70 Industrial Cable Coating

Metacaulk Industrial Cable Coating is a ready-to-use, heavy duty spray coating which is ablative & made to impede vertical/horizontal fire propagation along grouped/single comm. or power cables. Made for industrial/utility applications.

  • Factory Mutual (FM) approved- our formulation has been used by major utilities/corporations for over 25 years & is considered by some as the industry standard.
  • Water-based, Low odor, is compatible with and adheres to typical cable jacketing materials. No ampacity reduction (no cable derating)
  • Halogen free and does not contain solvents, plasticizers, asbestos, or other hazardous inorganic fibers
  • Flexible and durable- The application of an additional protective coating is not necessary.
  • UV/Water/weather resistant and suitable for interior or exterior applications, virtually unaffected by radiation exposure

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Apply with paintbrush/airless spray equipment, usually as unbroken coating or at 10-20 foot (3-6 m) intervals if specified, as firebreaks' in cable run. Ex: 3 ft.(1 m) coated lengths for horizontal trays/5 ft.(1.5m) coated lengths for vertical trays
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Brand : Metacaulk