Condensate Pumps for Mini-Split Systems

  • Quiet operation
  • Quick & easy installation and maintenance
  • Versatile positioning
  • Clean finished appearance
  • Fits most mini-splits, including up to 157,000 BTU/hr

Why Aspen Mini-Pumps?

All Aspen Pumps include the anti-siphon device, allowing the discharge tubing to terminate without causing any potential siphoning effect.
Univolt technology accepts voltage inputs from 100–250V; reducing failure from spikes and drops in voltage from an unstable power grid.
The rapidly moving piston ensures quiet operation.
Fully potted electronics* provide resistance to shock, vibration, moisture, chemical, and promotes sound dampening.

Ease of installation. Aspen pump models can accommodate any installation. 

Filter cleaning & maintenance. Choose a surface type pump (Lime or White) for easy filter access or a pump which requires no filter (Peristaltic).

6 mini-split pump styles, to allow for a wide range of applications, as well as models specifically optimized for high pumping needs.

Versatile pump positioning, including left or right install, remote or internal, vertical or horizontal. Refer to the product data for options.

*Applicable to specific models, refer to the product data for more info.

Product Presentation
Installation Demo: Mini White
Installation Demo: Mini Aqua
Mini Orange Features
Installation Demo: Mini Orange
Installation Demo: Mini Lime
How do Aspen Pumps Work?

The Complete Solution

Aspen Pumps Mini White Silent+ condensate pump
Engineered with new ultra-quiet technology and flexible installation

White Series
Mounts directly below evaporator, quick installation

Aqua Series
Ultra-slim, fits inside evaporator or lineset cover

Orange Series
Installation flexibility, proven reliability

Lime Series
Elbow design, completely reversible, duct included, can also be used without ducting

Mini Tank
Versatile and powerful multi-functional condensate pump