Lineset Covers

  • Adjustable cover that allows for extra versatility when installing
  • Complete offering of fittings to meet every installation need
  • Quick snap cover won’t release under pressure
  • Components are UV stabilized
  • Rust-resistant durable cam screws

Why Cover Guard?

Weather/UV resistance. Remain attractive and provide protection for years.

Protects from pets, pests, and vandals. Flat bottom channel and elbow hugs wall, eliminates insect, bird nests.

Patented multi-stage adjustability. Perfect to accommodate multiple zone line sets and allow the duct to expand.

Interior Adjustable Tabs allow the cover to quickly snap in and secure the cover in place. (Multi-zone = 4 tabs; Single zone = 3 tabs)

Plastic cam screws. Only require a 1/4 turn to lock in place. Resistant to rust, over-torque or cracking the fitting.

Pre-installed zip-tie clips. Free-sliding zip-tie clips are pre-installed, relocating quickly and easily to position the zip tie where it’s needed most.

Complete system. Available in a wide assortment of sizes and colors.

All-in-one duct kits. Everything you need for a typical installation in one box.

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