Indoor Air Quality Management

  • Can reduce exposure to poor indoor air that can cause long-term and short-term health effects
  • The complete IAQ³ platform integrates three levels of air quality products: filtration, purification, UV inactivation
  • Thoroughly tested, independently verified

Why Dust Free?

The Dust Free product line provides a dynamic air quality management strategy that provides a complete IAQ solution. 

Three levels of air quality products, each increasing the overall air quality of the space: Filtration, UV Inactivation, and Purification.

  • Filtration captures dust, pollen, mold and dander, as air circulates through the central air system.
  • UV-C light inactivates specific, targeted bacteria where the UV-C light shines.
  • Purification reduces or inactivates indoor air pollutants.

Thoroughly tested by third party independent labs and universities, ensuring the highest quality standards offering the best IAQ protection.

Tested and verified to protect against viruses (such as SARS CoV-2), bacteria, dusts, molds, and Volatile Organic Compounds. 

40 years of industry-leading IAQ technology development and partnerships. 

Leader in UV-C technologies with 120 independent patent claims and trusted by OEMs and leaders in the IAQ space. 

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How To Install IAQ Dust Free Active Purifier
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Dust Free Lightstick

Germicidal UV light

Dust Free Duality

UV light for mini-split systems

Bio-Fighter 4Xtreme
Commercial UV light (Coming soon)


Bio-Fighter Ultra-Flex
Residential UV light (Coming soon)


Bio-Fighter VersaLight
High-output UV light (Coming soon)


Bio-Fighter Nomad
Flexible-mounting residential UV light (Coming soon)


Bio-Fighter XL
 Large applications commercial UV light (Coming soon)


Dust Free Ministick

Mini-split UV light


Dust Fighter 95
Highest performance electrostatic air filter (Coming soon)


Dust Fighter 90
High performance electrostatic air filter (Coming soon)


Allergy Gold
Washable & reusable electrostatic air filter (Coming soon)


MAXAire Gold
Low air electrostatic air filter (Coming soon)


EnviroGREEN 8 Pleat
MERV 8 reusable pleated air filter (Coming soon)


EPA Chemical Solution
Pre-UV 2-step clean & coat process, enhancing IAQ protection

EPA registered disinfectant, self-rinsing coil cleaner
EPA Reg. No. 44446-23-51219

Coil-Cure AM
Antimicrobial coil coating

Novent Starter
Caps and Keys