Precision Flaring
and Swaging 

  • Creates precise and fast standard 45° flare or swage in copper and aluminum linesets for mini-split systems
  • Forms a consistent flare or swage without splits, burrs, blemishes or uneven edges
  • Hardened, forged steel = 2x stronger 

Why PRO-Fit Flaring and Swaging?

Create a 45° flare or swage in seconds, making installation much faster than traditional flaring!

Flame-free connections. No brazing needed.

Standard 1/4" Hex Shank. Fits directly into most power tools without adapter.

Color coded bits. Easy to identify and quickly choose.

Hardened, forged steel bit construction reduces wear or breakage. Unlike casting, the forging process creates a stronger, more durable steel bit by keeping the steel's grain structure tight, increasing strength!

Enhanced coating to ensure less likelihood of rust and corrosion.

Rugged tool box kit. Easy to transport. Designed to withstand tough jobsites.

Precise stopper ensures a consistent length of the flare and swage surface every time.

Burnishes surface forms a smooth surface for leak-free connections.

Swaging Demo
Flaring Demo
Product Presentation