Potential Relay and Start Capacitor

  • The only OEM tested and approved device
  • Assists compressor startup under adverse conditions
  • Extend the life of compressors
  • Easy install 2-wire design


Why Kickstart?

  • Correctly replaces over 60 different OEM combinations of start capacitors and potential relays

  • Relay drops out start capacitor at optimum time to avoid excessive heat
  • Voltage pick-up is exactly matched to counter-EMF

  • Two wires, non polarized
  • Avoids potential damage to compressor by never staying in the circuit too long
    Kickstart: At 75% of motor's full speed, OEM-approved Potential Relay takes Start Cap out at less than 100 ms (75% of full speed).
    3-Wire "universal" kit: No potential relay, Start Cap stays in circuit for 600 ms. The longer the Start Cap stays in circuit, the greater the heat damages the start windings.
    *Time in Milliseconds.

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